Congratulations on your engagement, we are very happy for you.

To be married in the Episcopal Church, one member of the couple needs to be a baptized Christian.

Church canons require that a couple give at least thirty days notice of their intention to be married. Second marriages require a longer notice period, so please speak to one of the clergy as soon as possible. The date for your wedding can be confirmed at a counseling session with Fr. Spencer after the appropriate paper work is completed. At St. Andrew’s,  the couple meets with the clergy for five counseling sessions. These five sessions will include lessons on strengthening the relationship, the importance of communication, preparedness for marriage,  and the meaning, theology and sacramental nature of Holy Matrimony.

It is also helpful to understand the liturgy for the service and the various options available to you.


REHEARSAL The wedding rehearsal is an important part of the wedding preparation that ensures a smooth-running service. Rehearsals last about an hour and usually take place on the afternoon or evening prior to the wedding. The marriage license must be brought to the wedding rehearsal and left with the clergy.

GUEST CLERGY The officiating minister is normally one of the clergy of St. Andrew’s Church. If you would like another clergy person to participate, please consult the Rector. An official invitation to participate will then be extended by the Rector.

THE LITURGY For the service at St. Andrew’s,  the bride and groom are invited to use “The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage” from the Book of Common Prayer (1979 edition). Among the several options you may choose for your service is the Celebration of Holy Eucharist. The Prayer Book service allows for an easy inclusion of this sacrament and it adds approximately 20 minutes to the length of the service.

MUSIC Most often the Parish Organist plays for weddings. Please schedule an appointment with our Parish Organist, Marion Scott , to discuss music for your wedding. We require all music to be consistent with the high standard of the liturgy. Requests for an organist other than the Parish Organist can be approved by the Rector and the Parish Organist. In such cases, there will be a small “bench fee”.  Arrangements for additional instrumentalists can be made through the Parish Organist.

READINGS  Readings can be selected  from Holy Scriptures, The Book of Common Prayer, or suitable texts in accordance with the Good News we have in God.

FLOWERS Flowers add to the meaning of the service and are the responsibility of the bride and groom. Normally, altar flowers are left at the church following the ceremony to be used for Sunday services.

PHOTOGRAPHS We want you to have beautiful pictures of your wedding. A stationary photographer and/or a stationary video camera may be used during the ceremony with the permission of the Rector. The church will also be available before or after the ceremony for pictures.

AISLE RUNNER While white runners are being used less and less, we do permit the use of cloth runners. Please consult with your florist.

CONFETTI Confetti, rice, paper petals, and flower petals may be used in the church or on the church grounds but there may be larger custodial cost.


Church rental………………..$1,000 (Free for Pledging Members)
Organist…………………………$300 (optional service)
Soloist:…………………………..$175 (optional service)
Hand Bell Choir………………   $250 (optional service)
Priest…………………………… At your discretion (usually $300-$500)
Custodial for Church………….  $100

For members of the parish fees and honoraria for the church, priest, and custodian are not to exceed 10% of the total cost of the wedding and honeymoon.

All checks are due at the rehearsal unless other arrangements have been made